• Well Rudi asked for it....

    From Dale Barnes@1:106/201 to ALL on Monday, January 17, 2022 08:45:45
    Well Rudi, I had posted another message but guess it never went out so here is a new one. Since you keeped asking for a IOS flavor of another product with little takers, I finally got my MAC platform fully working and my Apple developers package. While I still have a ways to go, here is the first connection from my IOS using InterPoint. Disregard the 3.0, I was modifying the code from InterMail to work on the IOS/Andriod device. No betas yet but I have tested the code on IOS/Andriod but trying to get over a learning curve with mobile devices. Just wanted to let you know I did hear you and I was excited to share this. I still have to work out the thread issues and determine the look and feel but it is now moving forward I hope. :)

    15-Jan-2022 11:47:33 CONNECT From #24554
    15-Jan-2022 11:47:33 Establishing BinkP transfer protocol
    15-Jan-2022 11:47:33 Station : InterMail Support
    15-Jan-2022 11:47:33 Address : 1:106/201.25
    15-Jan-2022 11:47:33 SysOp : Dale Barnes from Houston, TX
    15-Jan-2022 11:47:33 Number : -Unlisted-
    15-Jan-2022 11:47:33 Mailer : InterPoint 3.0 Beta IOS/ARM/64/Binkp 1.0
    15-Jan-2022 11:47:33 Time : Sat, 15 Jan 2022 11:47:32 -0600
    15-Jan-2022 11:47:33 Non-password session
    15-Jan-2022 11:47:33 Handshake time - 0 seconds
    15-Jan-2022 11:47:33 Nothing for them
    15-Jan-2022 11:47:33 SEND: End of batch
    15-Jan-2022 11:47:33 RECE: End of batch
    15-Jan-2022 11:47:34 Session completed successfully

    --- InterEcho 1.21
    * Origin: Home Of InterMail/InterEcho (1:106/201)