The Desert Rats Sanctuary BBS


Screenshot of BBS Login Page

The Desert Rats Sanctuary BBS runs Synchronet BBS software in a 32Bit Windows 10 Virtual Machine to take advantage of the ability to use the last "official Microsoft" NTVDM (NT Virtual DOS Machine) so that old 16 bit DOS applications and BBS Doors will function "natively" alongside modern Windows apps. Windows 10 is the last 32Bit version of Windows and the last to have the official NTVDM (there is "questionably legal" port of it to 64Bit made from leaked NT 4.0 source code around).

I plan to add stuff to it as time permits, but current features include:

accessable via telnet/ssh/rlogin at
fTelnet web telnet client and proxy locally hosted on this server
BRE (Barren Realms Elite) and LORD (Legend of the Red Dragon) locally installed
TradeWars 2002 Game Server locally installed (registered for 3 games and 10 nodes)
(TWGS available both inside and outside BBS /w seperate fTelnet page here)
Networked to CombatNet, DoorParty, and BBSLink for InterBBS Gaming
IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server connected to the Synchronet network
Old school internet services like Finger and Gopher enabled
SYSOP Notices are available from an e-mail ListServer via instructions here

Back in 1990-1992, I ran a BBS on an Amiga 500 called “Desert Rats Sanctuary” with the handle of Xerxes. It was a “dial on demand” BBS, my friends would call (or pre-arrange a time to call) and I'd flip on the 1200 (later 2400 baud) modem, put the floppies in (no hard drive, everything ran off of two 3.5' floppies) and let them go to town. There was an Amiga BBS door game called “Empire” that I ran that we would play against each other that was my favorite game (it's similar to Barren Realms Elite).

Fast forward to 2000-2001, I setup a (newly opensourced) Synchronet BBS at my house in Grapevine. I had SDSL service with a full 1.5Mps up/down (like a T1!) with a static IP Address and ran everything I ever dreamed of. I moved in late 2001 and the BBS didn't get set back up - until now that is, 20 years later...

Even if it only amuses me, the nostalgia and challenge of running a BBS is worth it to me, but if there is something I can do, feel free to send a note to the Sysop!