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    From Daryl Stout@VERT/TBOLT to METALHEAD on Tuesday, April 14, 2020 23:25:00
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    some days, they aren't even a needed diversion.

    There are times I've been angry and depressed. My luck is so bad, it's
    like the song from Hee Haw (if it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck
    at all)...but if I called the suicide, urinary or anal incontinence
    hotline numbers, I'd be asked "Can you hold, please??". :P

    I get absolute love from my kids all the time. That's the best investment I M>ever made.

    My late wife and I never had kids. I contracted chicken pox from my
    brother 40 years ago, who got it from his first wife's kids. His case
    was mild...mine was so severe, that it put me in the hospital for a
    week, and out of work at Burger King, and out of college at the
    University Of Arkansas At Little Rock for 2 months, by order from the
    Arkansas Health Department.

    It was as if someone put me in a barrel of itching powder, and closed
    the lid...even the WaterPik shower massage didn't provide relief. Not
    one part of my body went unscathed...even my genitals and buttocks were covered!! I had to take those nasty oatmeal baths, and it nearly went
    into encephalitis...so, they put me into isolation.

    Then, I worked in Silkscreen printing for 18 years, and absorbed the
    nasty solvent of Methyl-Ethyl-Ketone (very flammable). So, with concern
    about possibly having a child with birth defects...as my late wife so eloquently put it..."they wouldn't spay me, so he volunteered to get
    neutered". <G>

    Ironically, I met her on a BBS run by the local college (the college
    is still there, but the BBS is long gone), and she became my Co-Sysop
    and my wife. In the doorgames, she was a great winner, but she was a
    sore loser!! <G> Her eyesight may have been poor, but she'd find errors
    in the bulletins that I never saw.

    She also had a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Psychology (she said "I
    like a challenge" <G>), and I should've known better than to "mess with
    her". One night, I was being a smart-@$$, and said "My head is so far up
    my butt, that I can see my throat!!". Without missing a beat, grinning
    wryly, she said "That's why your eyes are brown!!" -- <ZING!!> <BG>

    While I have all the wonderful memories that no one can take away, I'm
    so glad that she's not here to see me suffer. I never did remarry, as at
    this stage of life, folks "have too much baggage"...physically,
    mentally, emotionally, financially, etc. If they or their kids are in
    trouble with the law, want someone else to fight their battles, not
    showing the kids "tough love" (the kids cuss their parents out
    repeatedly), and are financially irresponsible, I do NOT want or NEED
    that "drama" in my life.

    To quote the title of a TV show that ran on Animal Planet awhile back,
    now you have seen "The Most Extreme". :P


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  • From Metalhead@VERT/CASTLERO to Daryl Stout on Wednesday, April 15, 2020 20:20:00
    Well Daryl, that's a lot of unfortunate stuff that happened to you all in a short period of time.

    Let all those difficult memories get clouded-up by any positive things that happened during those times. Obviously it will be hard to outweigh all the
    sad stuff, but those few nice things that happened (you didn't mention any
    but there has to be some) are the things you should focus on a bit more.

    I used to work at a casino with a bunch of tough-guy asses, and everyone treated me like garbage there, but there's this xmas ornament I have in my
    car - I keep it there to remember this 1 nice lady from the casino who gave
    it to me as a xmas gift one year - that cheap, modest little xmas ornament makes all the difference when I look back at those memories of when I worked
    at that place. People were asses - but not that sweet lady who gave me the ornament. See how that helps me find comfort after an ordeal? (a smaller
    ordeal than yours - but this is my experience.)

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    raucous laughter and smart-@$$ remarks. <G>

    Tom gets back to his seat, and Wayne (making like nothing had even
    happened), said "In keeping with the seriousness of the evening"...it
    was interrupted by a shout from Tom...."IT FITS!!" (we got the size
    right). At the end of the evening, they had given Clive this clock,
    noting "NUMA, BEER, AND ALE...AND GOOD BEER"...Clive, grinning wryly,
    pointed to Tom, and said "Why don't you give it to him?? He needs a
    watch!!" <BG>.

    After the dinner meeting, there was the book signing, and Tom was
    trying to find out who did it. He finally came to my Mom and I, and we confessed. <G>

    Well, I had taken a picture of my Mom and Clive, and Tom took that
    picture (unknown to us), and enlarged it...then had everyone at the next
    years convention, sign it. At that event, Wayne unrolls this thing,
    looking directly at my Mom, "stupidly" asks "Does anyone know who I'm
    supposed to give this to??". My mouth, and my Mom's just dropped in
    surprise!! She was crying tears of joy, and saying "ME!! ME!! ME!!" <G>

    She always treasured that, and I had it on display at her funeral 8
    months ago. Sadly, while typing this, I got teary eyed...the same way
    when I think of so many memories with my late wife. I guess the tears
    are a combination of the loss of them, but also the wonderful memories
    that no one can take away.


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