• Shortwave Radiogram #336

    From N2qfd@VERT/FREEWAY to All on Saturday, January 06, 2024 07:45:38
    Shortwave Radiogram, Program 336

    Hello friends

    I hope you enjoyed the holidays. Thank you for your patience during our repeated "Holiday Spectacular."

    Perhaps the most interesting result was this multipath reception of the abstract Christmas tree, December 29 during the 1300-1330 UTC show, 15770 kHz from WRMI Florida, received via an SDR in Western Australia, both "short" path (18300 km) and long path (21700 km) ...

    This weekend we resume first-run programming and our normal format of one MFSK32 text story, one MFSK64 text story, and the week's MFSK64 images (11 this weekend).

    A video of the Shortwave Radiogram Holiday Spectacular (program 335) is provided by Scott in Ontario (Friday, December 22, 1300 UTC broadcast). The audio archive is maintained by Mark in the UK. Analysis is provided by Roger in Germany.

    Here is the lineup for Shortwave Radiogram, program 336, 5-8 January 2024, in MFSK modes as noted:

    1:44 MFSK32: Program preview
    2:48 MFSK32: Russia, NASA agree to continue ISS flights
    5:19 MFSK64: Electric light transmits data faster than Wi-Fi
    8:04 MFSK64: This week's images
    27:20 MFSK32: Closing announcements

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