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    From Daryl Stout@VERT/TBOLT to John Guillory on Friday, May 12, 2023 22:27:00

    You know,I love going to hamfest any time I'm in the area and have
    the time-off from work to enjoy it, but the thing that leave the most sourest taste in my mouth when I hear about the Dayton Hamfest, is when
    I order an antennae, or other ham radio gear at a company, and they
    tell me they're low on stock due to the Dayton Hamfest coming up in the next week or two. It kinda make me wish that the company that reserved
    so many products for Dayton that they can't handle their normal
    customers online doesn't sell a single thing at the hamfest, and has to mark all their products that they where hoping to sell as clearance
    items, just to get rid of them. I know, it's mean and out of spite,
    but gosh darn it, a company needs to take care of its customers before worrying about their extra profit from events...

    Richard Lenoir, KI5DX, out of Main Trading Company, in Paris, Texas, is
    not able to go to Hamvention, but he has some great deals off of his
    website, mtcradio.com -- they are good folks to deal with.

    Daryl, WX4QZ

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