• ARRL Executive Committee Meets

    From ARRL de WD1CKS@VERT/WLARB to QST on Wednesday, December 08, 2021 18:27:34

    The ARRL Executive Committee met on October 25 in virtual session, with President Rick Roderick, K5UR, presiding.

    In his report, CEO David Minster, NA2AA, noted that the revised ARRL Articles of Incorporation approved during the July 2021 Board meeting had been filed with the State of Connecticut. He also discussed the delayed timing of the delivery of the December issue of QST. He advised that Members should expect to receive their December issue about a week late. Minster also said ARRL is expecting an increase in the price it pays for paper, effective in February 2022. He said it's not yet clear whether the impact of the increase in paper costs would be short- or long-term.

    CEO Minster reported he had met with ARRL Field Services Manager Mike Walters, W8ZY, on October 22 at Bradley International Airport near Hartford, Connecticut, to observe ARRL participation in an emergency management exercise that concluded on October 23. Walters, on behalf of ARRL, participated in all 3 days of the exercise.

    ARRL FCC Counsel David Siddall, K3ZJ, discussed recent efforts at the FCC and on Capitol Hill advocating FCC action on long-pending proceedings that address Amateur Radio concerns. Siddall also addressed new legislation pending before Congress that would set deadlines for the allocation of additional spectrum below 3.45 GHz to commercial 5G providers. He described ARRL's efforts to obtain support for allowing continued sharing below 3.45 GHz on a non-interference basis.

    FCC Counsel Siddall noted an FCC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (PS Docket 21-346) looking into ways of improving communications resiliency and recovery during hurricanes and other disasters. He said ARRL had submitted reports to FCC staff during and immediately following Hurricane Ida.

    Siddall further noted the progress of the ARRL RF Safety Committee in addressing and clarifying issues concerning amateur compliance with FCC RF exposure rules and appropriate updates to the related FCC bulletin. He concluded that the work of the Committee, under the leadership of Greg Lapin, N9GL, will benefit every amateur in the future to more readily assess RF exposure compliance and to make any adjustments needed.

    West Gulf Division Director, EC member, and Chairman of the Legislative Advocacy Committee, John Robert Stratton, N5AUS, updated the EC on the status of a resolution introduced in Congress by US Representative Debbie Lesko of Arizona to declare April 18 as National Amateur Radio Operators' Day.

    Director Stratton also advised the EC that the Legal Structure Review Committee was reviewing the Articles of Association, By-Laws, and Standing Orders with an eye toward  recommending any needed changes at the January 2022 Board meeting.

    The Executive Committee meets again on December 13.

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