• Worthless Pitiful Ward

    From Oli@2:280/464.47 to Ward Dossche on Friday, February 18, 2022 15:08:07
    Ward wrote (2022-02-17):


    what kind of fools do you think we are?

    The kind of fools that 'elected' a ZC1 who helped to appoint Ward as
    the IC again.

    Actually, that ZC1-election at that time was the best thing that could've happened to Z1 and to Fidonet as a whole.

    Ward Dossche the Great really believes his grandiose psychopathic bullshit. In contrast to Trump and his asskissers, Dossche knows how to prevent a stolen election.

    These unthankful sysops in Z1; they should be glad ...

    Besides, you did not dismiss that you are my buddy ...

    Yo, bro! Why should I care?


    "That is why how he and his bootlicker, Oliver "Oli" Rupp, operate ..."

    .. and ...

    "your asskissing buddies like Oli, Winifred, and Michiel ..."

    That 'Winifred' is actually 'Wilfred', your boss-node ... 8-)

    And I really thought he was talking about some other people I don't know.

    * Origin: They're made out of meta (2:280/464.47)