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    From Martin Foster@2:280/464.27 to andrew clarke on Sunday, April 17, 2022 11:41:03
    Hello andrew!

    *** Wed 23.05.2018 at 05:17, andrew clarke wrote to Dallas Hinton:

    Wildcards can be used in the pathname:

    FidoNodelist c:\nodelist\nodelist.*

    You may only specify a single nodelist.

    I'm unable to persuade TimedNT to read z:\nodelist\nodelist.* -- on a
    different network computer. I'm just going to test and see if it will
    read locally.

    And no, that makes no difference either :-(

    Windows 10 64 bit, btw.

    I'm unable to reproduce that behaviour here using timEd/NT 1.30 in
    Windows 7 64-bit.

    I can reproduce it here on my newly installed timEd/Linux

    Tested utheg the latest Zone 3 nodelist (nodelist.138), though any nodelist should work.

    I'm using the current nodelist, NODELIST.105

    I've tried this in my timed.cfg file:
    FidoNodeList /home/martin/mypoint/nodelist/NODELIST.*

    Also tried this:
    FidoNodeList /home/martin/mypoint/nodelist/NODELIST.105

    File permission problem?


    Are there any error messages?



    Could not match FidoNodelist pattern 'nodelist.*'!

    Here's the error message I'm getting:
    Could not match FidoNodeList pattern '/NODELIST'!


    --- timEd/Linux 1.31.g3+
    * Origin: Bitz-Box - Bradford - UK (2:280/464.27)