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    From Ken Johnson@1:218/720 to Exodus on Monday, April 25, 2022 14:37:06
    Also with reading, I see more and more are running Windows versiona dn hav KJ>> issues with that. So, I will be focusing more of my time getting v7 workin KJ>> Windows above the DOS version. I have been wrking on a Windows GUI interf

    BOO. :( Did you ever get my message about me giving you
    the currec
    structures for Renegade to add to FCOMP?

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    Hey, sorry for so long getting back to you.

    You can email me anything you would like added to ken <at> blkdoor.com

    I will review the specs and work them into the code.


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  • From T.J. Mcmillen@1:129/305 to Ken Johnson on Monday, April 25, 2022 20:24:09
    Hey, sorry for so long getting back to you.

    No issues ... I forward you the stuctures. You can also grab them from the RG website. http://www.rgbbs.info

    Thanks and hope all is well!

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